(With apologies to the 5 Royales)

You are the one, who makes my life good.
Everything I’ve required or desired
you’ve given without fail.
But there’s more to your tale.

From the start, you had done something
to my heart, (and you do still.)
But then, you had instilled the will to live
when life hung in the balance.

Under the valance of concern you came,
indeed a friend in need, caring and daring
to buck tradition until my condition inflated.
But like a fool, all I felt was obligated to return it.

The love you’d shown? I didn’t earn it,
yet in time I’d learn it was much more that you gave.
You saved me from a derelict life
when you agreed to be my wife.

We’ve had struggles, gone separate ways
and there were days where we couldn’t stay
in the same room together. It could have spelled our doom.
But something always brought us nearer.

And the clearer it would become, I would act dumb
and make excuses for the useless piece of man
I came to portray. My eye would wander
and I’d wonder if there was someone better

with whom I could live an unfettered life. Along the way
I pursued a life of rhyme, and my crime was loving words
more when I should have loved you, my wife. And it’s true,
your “irrational” rants and demands were misinterpreted.

The problems are in your head. Now instead, the balance has swung
where once the sword hung over me. And I have come to realize
I only have eyes for you, to see you through and the least
I could do is re-dedicate myself to you, the one I love!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge – Day 14: Dedicated


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