She comes as quite flirtatious,
and I imagine her rather curvaceous,
a suspicion I can’t erase
(nor would I want to).
Our banter is a suggestive tennis match,
and we push each other’s buttons and blush
when least expected. Protected
by distance and some sense of anonymity,
using words that put us in close proximity
and she raises my temperature as much
as if she were in the room. I watch
for glimpses of her spark that
hearkens my pulse to pick up
beats, a bass line erratic
and erotic, quixotic as the day is
long, and getting longer. Still
innuendo is a slow mind fuck, a tease
which pleases to no end, no matter
which end we’re on. All pretense is gone.
We stoke each other’s fire openly, as desire
becomes a conflagration of sensation.
The only trepidation is in going in too deep.
But, we won’t lose sleep over it.
She gives as good as she gets. No regrets
Flirtatious innuendo is the way we go!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016



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