I watch you struggle as thoughts become vapor
and you stare at the paper reading the same passage
over and over again. You feel unbalanced
and you’ve chanced a stroll across the living room,
stability is not an ability you can claim.
I call your name, you smile and it takes a while
for you to process and I guess you’re inability
to hear in that ear has increased. And I have ceased
speaking from that side of you. What’s inside of you
remains a mystery. And they tell me everything it isn’t!

Tears well in your eyes and you cry,
frustration riddles you, you make a fuss
but it is something with which both of us
must deal. I feel for you, this sudden onslaught
ought not be something you should go through,
and you lament and consider yourself damaged.
Yet I manage to turn table, able to make you smile,
if only briefly. It is chiefly to help us retain sanity.
Our vanity has gone out the window and we cling
to our hope on this slippery slope of life.

You wonder why I stay. And I say it’s because
you are my wife for life and I’ll leave when love has gone.
What I am saying is I guess I will be staying!
As long as love is there, I won’t be going anywhere!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016



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