I stand in the autumn of my life
wondering what it has yet to show.
I’ve had some successes, sometimes not,
but accomplishments weren’t what I desired,
to love and be loved was my prize.

In this I do not stand alone. My wife
and my companion makes my life glow!
But lately her health isn’t so hot.
And it seems that her days are mired
in pain and disillusion. Her eyes

reflect her heart,  full of joy and rife
with the compassion she requires now.
And I do not look at this as my last shot,
all the questions have been inquired.
And all the prayers raised to the skies!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Written to Poetic Asides Poetry Form – Rimas Dissolutas


33 thoughts on “AUTUMN SURPRISE

  1. hayesspencer

    Yes. All the prayers have been raised. I love your devotion to your wife and how unashamedly you write about it. I shall raise some prayers myself.

  2. Sad. Blessings, stay strong it’s not an easy thing to get through, I’m not very well and I can understand because my husband loses his patience with me, it makes me very sad, I do try my best. Happy Days Smiling.

  3. I too so admire your wonderful love for your wife, Walt. You’ve written of her and your challenges with her health before and I’m sure she realizes what a blessing she has in you. Loving thoughts for you both.

  4. You write of these personal challenges, moments, lasting and unconditional love so very well, my friend. Thankful for every day…for every held hand, for every moment we are called upon to be compassionate with our life’s partner. Prayers coming your way today —
    and so sorry for reading with just 45 minutes left till today’s prompt! 😦 This trip plannong has been all consuming. But I am so glad I took the time to get back to OLN to read more of these posts — and of course, I clicked on your link, I always do. You are a special person, Walter. A special partner for life to your spouse.

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