After you…

We as brothers in life seek to climb
the Eiffel Tower. One step at a time
my small French feet make their mark and…

Eh Hem!
Pardon Moi. After you…

As Alphonse has said, he is only ahead
because a gentleman allows the courtesy.
And it is agreed. He has tiny feet! And…

Eh Hem!
Pardon Moi. After you…

Gaston is a jealous sort, but that is my cohort
as we climb. I’m more than pleased if Alphonse
eased past me to take the lead. (It feed his greed…)

Eh Hem!
Pardon Moi. After you…

Please, please! Au contraire, Alphonse! In this,
I have no need for greed. My ego is all that drives me.
It derives me no great pleasure (Except where you, Alphonse, is concerned…)

Eh Hem!
Pardon Moi. After you…

A few step more and we can sure see all of Pa-ree!
Excuse moi! After you Gaston! No, after you Alphonse!
But I insist Gaston. I wouldn’t think of it Alphonse…

After you…!

© Walter J. Wojtanik –2016

Poetic Asides Prompt #371: Ekphrastic Poem



Lighter than air over the New city,
the grace and beauty of her opulent
decent looked at in awe by the millions
below, a slow pan from right to left.
Up in the air they are unaware
that they are the talk of the town.
Down on the ground, folks like ants
can’t get a clue. Oh, the humanity?
They do not believe there’s a chance
of air borne disaster from the sky.

© Walter J. Wojtanik

Hindenberg Flying Over New York City


Poetic Asides Prompt #371: Ekphrastic Poem