Here’s how it will go…

The clock will crow,
the horns and noise makers
will shake, rattle and roll
and I will have settled into a simple
“celebration” for the new year.
Here, all will be quiet and still.
The girls will call to extend wishes.
We’ll have eaten our pickled fishes
(a good luck endeavor
I’ve never understood), but
it is good my wife and I
will still keep these traditions.

Speaking of which, this is
the way the year begins every time.
I’m on the recliner in
Twilight Zone Marathon overload,
and the cold has her bundled
on the couch deep in slumber.
The ball falls as the countdown
resounds. The calendar flips
and it’s a blip on our radar…

We will be set to begin all over.
A new day dawning. Another
quiet morning in a new light.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

dVerse Poets Pub – Tuesday Poetics: A Cause For Celebration


23 thoughts on “A NEW DAY DAWNING

  1. Glenn Buttkus

    New light, yes, for those of us who inhabit the Now, find newness in each breath, each bite, idea, step, & smile. It is cool that the need to celebrate is integral to all of us, I dig your view of renewal or the arbitrary flip of a calendar page.

  2. Ah, yes, the contrast between expectation and reality! I always suffered from New Year’s Eve disappointment when I was younger. I suppose I expected it to be too magnificent and always felt let down by the just another day feel of it. It’s better now, that my expectations are not so high. Twilight Zone Marathon sounds good to me.

  3. Sometimes quiet celebrations are the best kind – there is nothing to “come down” or recover from and no disappointment. I like this, especially ” quiet morning in a new light.” Thanks for a great prompt!

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  5. I hate New Year. I hate feeling obliged to have fun. I’m with you on the sofa, probably griping about the ridiculously arbitrary nature of it all. But your final verse is so beautiful, and reminds me that every day is the start of a new year.

  6. It’s a blip on the radar in our household too, although my wife and I usually stay up to midnight “just because”, drink some sparkling apple juice, then head for sleep.

  7. A vivid picture of your New Year’s Eve and not much different than my own (sans Twilight!).
    I like the subtlety of the morning light you speak of so beautifully in your haiku…maybe that is all we really need to celebrate the past and future. The fanfare is SO overrated.
    Take care, Walt.

  8. New Year… I rarely make it to midnight, but it doesn’t matter. Flipping the calendar the next day, knowing you with your loved ones the night before, even in slumber, is wonderful enough.

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