The Black Lagoon produced the Creature,
often seen in double-features
with the bolt-necked Frankendude,
as manners go, both rather rude.

Lamont Cranston cast his Shadow,
without light, as far as I know.
Who knows in which men’s hearts evil lurks?
I hope this gumshoe catches these jerks.

Now, consider the films of old Lon Chaney,
black and white, and rather grainy.
The many faces Chaney’d wear
would give his fans a frightful scare.

Clap for the Wolf-man,
he’s no vegetarian,
The more he got hairy,
the more he got scary.

Mummy, mummy,
you’re no dummy.
Quite Egyptian from the womb,
Fright Egyptian from your tomb.

They shot Freddie Kruger
with a German Luger.
But that attempt will always fail,
just get that creep to cut his nails.

And that Voorhees kid called Jason,
he was always out there chasin’
hot and horny, hormonal teenies
to chop them into smithereenies.

WTF, Michael Myers?
(Not SNL Michael Myers)
The latter made a ton of money,
what the former did was not so funny.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

dVerse Poets Pub – Form For All: Clerihew


47 thoughts on “A SCARY SLEW OF CLERIHEW

  1. Glenn Buttkus

    Well, Walt, armful of kudos for knocking out 8 of these; I stopped at four. I once did some movie reviews for a Horror Blog ( like 70 of them ), so your delicious bits really resonate with me!

  2. Nice selection of spooky characters must mean you are already in the Halloween mood.
    Well done; I especially like the one about Lon Chaney….have steered away from the other movies as they give me the jitters or worse!

    1. Chaney was amazing in that he portrayed so many different characters, each with they individual traits. He was a master. Cagney portrayed him in a film, “Man of a Thousand Faces”. It tells of his struggles and rise to the top of the genre. Thanks for commenting, Kathy!

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