Uncle Harry was a sailor; a submariner with tales to tell. Our families would alternate visits from one summer to the next. Dad’s blue Plymouth Belvedere wagon was the magic carpet that swept the eight of us (Mom, Dad and six kids) up to Kittery, Maine every other year. The following summer Harry and my Aunt Marianne would bring their six kids home to Lackawanna. Sixteen of us cramped into whichever house served as accommodations.  Sometimes relations would strain toward the end of even the happiest of visits, but it was what it was. The cousins paired up closely in age and we played, fought, talked, shared, loved and cried when the time came to return home. Did I mention Harry lived on Love Street? No matter how our visits had gone, we always hated to leave Love behind.

My brother Ken was a sailor; a submariner with tales to tell. Serving at the same base, the place brought back memories and afforded us a chance to return to Love once more in our adulthood. It is equally heartwarming and sad to be one of your own memories.

Embers of love live
in the hearth of kith and kin;
always glows within.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


9 thoughts on “KITTERY

  1. Love this for many reasons — it hits close to home in many ways. My daughter lived in Kittery for a while — just one house away from an inlet. Kittery is a wonderful place. And, the idea of the annual family gathering is always special. Since our grandkids were very very young, we’ve always had “Cousins’ Week.” It’s especially special since our two children (with their families) live far apart so it was this yearly event that tied them together in those very early years. BUT — what make your recounting special here is Love Street….”always hated to leave Love behind.” Touches the heart. As does the wonderful haiku at the end….embers of love…in the heart of kith and kin….
    This really strikes home to me. Really really enjoyed it! Ah…that all families could have a Love street to return to!
    Great response to the prompt!

  2. Interestingly.. for me at
    lEast.. i can relate as i just
    did a reunion with the only
    four cousins on my Father’s
    side complete since decades
    juST a reminder now to me..
    that each hUman connection
    IS A unique one that has STiLL
    A special FeeL oF anoThEr mulTi
    UniVerse created witH FearLess
    eYes of Unconditional
    Love.. that can
    never be
    but alWays
    liVEd oN as A
    GreATer siZe oF soUl..
    As Tree of LiFE FiLLs iN..:)

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