A shadowed silhouette that walks softly,
a mirage in my night. Right before my eyes
you appear, standing in profile and who dispatches
denial and plants a smile where sadness had lingered.
With the touch of bent fingers on the soft spot
of my heart, I start to feel your energy, alive
with the light you bring. And my heart sings,
songs of a well-worn love. Because, you dance
in the heaven above and with a smattering of stars,
you bless me along with cool breezes that seize
our shared comfort and allows it to prosper.
You saunter in the night, and stir my tide,
a side of me others very rarely see.
You are quite a sight in this dreary night.
And you make me delight in what your heart reveals,
I praise the evening that you appeared in my sky!
The moon in my night. The breath to my sigh.
You are the moonlight!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

dVerse Poets Pub – Poetics: Moon-Muse


36 thoughts on “YOU ARE THE MOONLIGHT

  1. How romantic and I specially (big) sighed at these lines:

    You saunter in the night, and stir my tide,
    a side of me others very rarely see.

    You are the moonlight is perfect love poem Walt!

  2. Wonderful! Especially this line “You saunter in the night, and stir my tide..” Sorry, just saw that others have written the same but I cannot help myself. This line is truly wondrous! 🙂

  3. Glenn Buttkus

    There is a classical vibe to this, almost 19th century; so now you run with the Victorian Romantic poets; good on you, Walt.

  4. I see a girl flitting through the woods of time dancing her way down the path only she can traverse and leading us safely through to the open meadow where legends boast and myths carouse while we mere mortals slink in the shadows fearing for our souls when we should be embracing love.

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