He sits,
a solitary man at a table for two.
Stuck between the moo goo
and the shrimp fried rice, a nice
diversion to a horrible day.
She would go on to say
things you can never retract
and she’d act as if she were God’s
gift. As if! He’d get a whiff of the oolong
and it reminds him of that song
that she’d sing to drive him crazy.
Maybe he had gotten lazy
or he just didn’t care.
And she was rarely ever there!
So, he’d stare out the window and watch
the world stand still. With two, you get egg roll.
He would kill for an egg roll,
this solitary man at his table for two.
Good times.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Poetic Asides -Wednesday Prompt # 364: Let the Good Times Roll

Presented at dVerse Poets Pub OLN #178: Saving Grace



  1. I do so enjoy the internal rhymes in this – excellent! Indeed, like skipping rope. I think of the moo goo and oolong and shrimp fried rice. Maybe he had gotten lazy or he just didn’t care…sounds like it could be both, this solitary man…

  2. I too like the rhyming pattern in this piece. It really made the words flow so smoothly. I also like the small inserts of Chinese cuisine throughout the piece – oolong, shrimp fried rice and moo goo. Well done Walt.

  3. Thanks Glenn! I will make it point to check your Western site. I’ve honed that skill naturally. I am also a musician and composer. So the rhythms come from that and my lyrics are only poems stripped of their melodies. Humbled by your compliment!

  4. Love the rhyming, tone and rhythm of this tale. Smiling I am at the practicality of this man and the ending of the poem. Poor guy sitting alone at the table for two — and the egg roll — aw, someone please give the guy an egg roll! 🙂

  5. Ah Walt, I want to know more about this solitary man’s former life! I make up stories about people I see in passing all the time. I’m an inveterate people-watcher, so your poem really sings to me!

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