I was looking for a poem I had written and was having a time locating where I had posted it. I came to this realization (basically an admission) I’ve created too many writing blogs! I have personal poetry blogs, collaboration blogs, blogs under pen names, non-poetry blogs, a journal and blogs still under construction. So to save me the angst of future searches, I am posting the URL addresses for these sites below. Feel free to explore these other sites if you wish:


My main blog is currently THROUGH THE EYES OF A POET’S HEART it began originally on blogspot at Through the Eyes of a Poet’s Heart


Another poetry blog is more thematic. Written from the viewpoint of Santa Claus, I AM SANTA CLAUS plays on the idea that we are ALL Santa Claus. It is being prepared as the manuscript for my next collection of the same name.


I has the pleasure to assemble poems with a Good friend of several blogs. Marie Elena Good and I had success with our joint personal poetry blog, ACROSS THE LAKE, EERILY, written from our shared perspective from opposite shores of the Lake Erie that separates us.

We then parlayed that into a site where our poetic friends could write to prompts and poetic form suggestions. POETIC BLOOMINGS became the poetic garden where poetry flourished. This site had to re-incarnations, as CREATIVE BLOOMINGS and PHOENIX RISING POETRY GUILDMarie has stepped aside to deal with life, and Sara McNulty has served in her stead sweetly. POETIC BLOOMINGS is still active.


During the times where I questioned my abilities, I wrote under a pen name on two occasions.  Under the guise of Joseph Phillip Walters (I am Walter Joseph Phillip Wojtanik) I carried on at ONE SHORE IN SILENCE .

Then as Chase Ephraim I wrote at WORD CHASE .


My short fiction (flash fiction) resides at WALLEGORYS AND OTHER STORIES .


IT’S JUST ANOTHER DAY  Just a blog about my every day made special.


WORDS AS MUSIC Will offer the idea of music lyrics being poetry in and of themselves.

Everything highlighted is a link to those sites. Hope you find something to please your curiosity!



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