The shade of blue
made for the haunting lilt
of the blues. Anguish lives
in every note and nuance,
a musical séance encrusted
with rusted memories
and melancholy dollies.
Swirling the ice in my empty
glass at the corner table
of this dingy hall, the music
calls my name, but no answer
is forthcoming. The scotch is numbing
my synapses, and when my memory
lapses, I’ll be singing midnight!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Written for dVerse Poets Pub – Poetics: Breathing in Blue


23 thoughts on “BLUES IN THE NIGHT

  1. I can’t take too much sad blues, but there’s something in the music that always draws me in. As a songwriter, especially playing guitar, 2 of my goals were to write a train song, and a real blues tune. I’ve done both, so on the lookout for new ones!

    1. A musician is a special kind of poet, Crystal. It’s a whole different expression for sure. I play and compose on keyboards and I think that has contributed to me being a better poet! I have an added respect for your talents!

  2. “…a musical séance encrusted with rusted memories…” LOVE this line! Wonderful response to the prompt….a bit of a different pub than I imagine dVerse to be 🙂 But perhaps some to sit on their stools, singin’ and writin’ the blues. Well done!

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