WalterMonkeyfanatical, laughable,
full of fire.
always thinking,
churning, never
burning out. words,
expressive, descriptive.
writing my soul,
my pain,
my want,
my need…
comical, unforgettable;
always “romantical”.
prolific, fertile, fruitful,
deceptively youthful,
write-hand man.
ever searching for the real

© Walter J. Wojtanik -2016

dVerse Poets Pub – Quadrille: Self-portrait

45 thoughts on “WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I?

  1. I enjoy the layout of your poem, Walt. Don’t give up looking… the real Walter is out there. …um, I don’t mean that the way it sounds. I mean… well… great biopoem!

  2. Wonderful, word-a-liscious playing going on here, Walt! Of course, I also enjoyed the fact that Anthony Newly was cued up from the start 🙂 (and, didn’t Sammy D join in…)

    1. Yes, but I am so impressed! Not many remember Anthony Newley, so points for that! Mom always used to scold, “Don’t play with your words!” But I couldn’t help it, I loved playing with them! Thanks for stopping over, be by in a bit!

  3. Love the picture and the words to describe you specially:

    deceptively youthful,
    write-hand man.
    ever searching for the real

    I think we are all still searching for our real self.

    1. Kind of you to say, Rosemary. You’ve had a longer glimpse of the me not too many know. Glad your opinion is favorable. I try to keep my biases out of my poetry and just write the things my heart sees. I just wish others felt the same sometimes! You dear are a beautiful soul! And a non-fool in your own right!

  4. this, complete with your poetic style made me smile:) glad to know you, Walt! (I decided to accept your invite at the beginning of July to visit here. The end of July kept me from Poetic Bloomings due to Duty’s Beauty;-) but not without a bit of disappointed frustration…

    1. I’m just glad you found some time to share your worded wonder. It’s not the quantity, it is the quality. And you dear have that in abundance! Thanks for the support and friendship we share across the border and the web! You’re a class act, Janet!

  5. Great to know you a little better, Walter. All the pieces and parts you’ve listed make you who you are, and a very talented poet! …that photo is wild! 🙂

  6. Yes, life does consist of a lot of searching for who we are. I suppose if we ever arrive at an answer, that might be a bad thing…as it would mean that we are no longer changing/growing/learning

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