The soul has no windows,
as far as I can see.
But the truth has a heart,
and getting to the heart of the truth
takes a lot of belief
and a bit of faith.
Your ears will hear
what your eyes will not receive.
Do not trust your eyes,
for you realize that the soul
of a person rests in the eyes of truth.
Why didn’t I see that before?

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

dVerse Poets Pub 5th Anniversary Day 5: Beliefs


32 thoughts on “HAVE YOU NO EYES?

  1. Getting to the heart of truth takes a lot of belief…that is a pure line there Walt….a keeper and true….your final question made me smile too…quite a realization eh?

  2. Sadly what
    i find in all
    my Internet
    travels iS
    that the ONE
    thing that is
    missing most
    from Hope.. Faith
    and Belief is both the
    U N D E R L Y I N G..
    REAL emoting power
    of these Human EmoTions
    for change in positive action
    and consequence and the
    work ethic beyond
    idols of money..
    likes.. follows..
    etc.. it’s all
    the same
    the first
    word to
    MAKE positive
    change real..
    Free effort is what
    it takes.. and in a world
    that is bought and sold from
    dollar bills to likes to follows
    to shares or whatever.. the
    idols of bought and sold is…
    the essence
    and hope
    is lost in a temple
    with no flesh at all..
    but i suppose for all practical
    intentes and purposes i could
    be from another planet to attempt
    to relate this to anyone as the only
    way i know to understand it is
    to escape culture..
    and that
    and lots of effort
    to get to that
    place in
    first as
    far as i FeeL..
    sense.. and kNow
    of LiFe.. money is
    prison.. storing grain
    is the road to greed and
    jealousy.. the only escape
    i can see now is on the individual
    level.. and that’s the truth and the
    liGht iN
    pArt of
    what i for
    onE see through
    my greaTest teacher
    that three college degrees
    and a 25 year career with
    the government ending at
    top pay grade levels on
    a means
    to seek and find..
    nah.. it wasn’t always
    a labyrinth until humans
    started storing grain.. sMiles..
    yeah.. the word believe to me..
    is kinda
    WiNks.. sMILes
    aGain.. and for me
    i can see the soul of
    a person in their eYes..
    that is my ‘Autistic Super Power’..
    not often..
    that many
    folks maintain
    eye contact with me..
    if they
    but most often
    they tale me tHeir
    that works..
    for example i was dancing
    the other night at a huge dance hall and a girl upstairs
    blurted out to me that guy is gonna be my husband..
    she was about 20 and i am 56.. that’s bizarre..
    or a least kinda strange to me as i never
    ask any girl to dance.. (i’m married) have
    a nice day…
    i believe
    is everywhere i go
    and i can prove it too..;)

    ps.. this is way too long
    and i’m rambling.. don’t feel
    you need to keep here.. sMiLesx3..
    i find inspiration everywhere and simply
    copy and paste what i do.. in what is
    now approaching 4 million words
    of the longest long
    form poem
    ever in the
    of humankind
    all for free..
    how that
    works.. like
    i said
    is real
    and i prove
    it everywhere i go..
    oh yeah.. and God2..:)

    Have a nice day..:)

  3. hypercryptical

    Much wisdom here. You are right, what we see or think we see is not often the truth.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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