JohnLennonOnce behind a milk maid bleary,
I beard a Liddypoolian surly,
sing-song pop/rocks, yeah, yeah, yup,
with good dog Nigel, me soiled pup.
Richie-ringy, drum, drum, drum,
whilst Petey lands upon his bum,
Paulie wally doodles all day,
and Georgie puts pied pudding away.
Meanstyle, Yokie loudly bang she slaved,
a New Yorkshire in me final daze,
avant garded must too grately
amongst the scruffy beat alls lately.
Banded four we combed to stage Ed,
we was all the bloody rage, Ed.
Maniacal, the screamies fainted
as were the mused sick; badly tainted.
Writey, writey, Bob all-mighty,
pose’em, storied; all humoured slighty.
From me pen me wordies stumble,
in me own write does muzak crumble.
Go salve the Queen!

*** Scanned me copy of Lennon’s “In His Own Write” and drew me storied inspiring from without me.


36 thoughts on “LEAVING LENNON MARKS

    1. I used to work with a Beatles tribute band here (as their Ed Sullivan) and got to meet Pete Best the Beatles original drummer. He had some stories that were fascinating and insightful. Fab is correct. More tribute poet than pirate, Lynn!

    1. When I got my first copy of “In His Own Write” I was mesmerized by the language and turns of phrase John used to express himself. Since that first volume, I’ve given away three copies as gifts and have a pristine book to read in four years (When I’m 64). I get nostalgic myself, now that you mention it, Petru!

  1. I still have my original “In His Own Write”. And now I’m 64 soon to be 65. This does sound very similar to his writing….making his way through the underpants…I was living on Long Island but in Manhattan on the day he was shot. I will buy a pristine version for myself when I turn 65, I ejoyed this foray into the day of a life.

  2. Thanks Toni. My Lennon fascination borders on mild obsession. I studied his style to write this. I’m glad to know I came close to it. John has been the inspiration for many poems and a screenplay I’m diddling with!

  3. Always liked the blokes from Liverpool. Paul, referring to George said, “And they all thought I was the cute one.” I admired John when he was a rocker. You captured the Fab and Gear of the boys quite well, Walter!

  4. Some great word play indeed! I think even Lennon would approve (I’ve heard it reported that in concert, he would often song “I want to hold your gland” – euphemism for breast – because he knew that no one would hear his alteration of the lyric over the screaming of the crowd.

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