A man loves from the depths of his soul
for he knows that is the right thing to bring.
He guides and protects those in his charge,
he always looms large in their eyes.
A man will comfort cries and illicit sighs
through his tender and heartfelt compassion
and fashion a life meant to be copied; emulated.
A man will do his very best
and fill his chest with the treasures
his family and friends will offer;
making for very full coffers.
A man that is loved is a man that rarely fails.
A man such as he forever prevails.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


*** We had been prompted to take a line from another poet and use it as inspiration, the title or a line for your new poem. Using a line from Sara McNulty’s poem, “MOST MEMORABLE”; the line is “A man such as he forever prevails.”

Presented at dVerse Poets Pub – OLN #173


41 thoughts on “WHAT HE HAS TO GIVE

  1. scotthastiepoet

    Yes indeed, you paint a fluent and persuasive picture here of something to strive towards – thank you…

    1. It’s an exercise I post up at Poetic Bloomings on occasion. It provides great inspirations and the poets there love shining a light on each others work. A worthy man has to work hard to remain worthy, Grace! It keeps him humble.

    1. After all the poems I’ve written for the beautiful souls of the female persuasion, I felt it was time to give a brother his due. He is a beautiful man though, isn’t he? Thanks for coming by, Annell!

  2. OK I’m going to say it…..It must be hard to be a man. Really. I think there is so much expected especially on a protective level. This line really grabbed me…
    “He guides and protects those in his charge, he always looms large in their eyes.” So true!
    This is a wonderful tribute to the many good men out there and a great example to follow.

  3. hayesspencer

    This person would most definitely be a person of character, a true mensch. Well written for either sex to follow. I married a mensch, bless his Southern Baptist Soul. My father was also a mensch, bless his gentle soul. Something about those strutters that makes me want to pull down their pants and laugh. Oh I am bad, I know it. But this really is an excellent poem and good advice for us all. Well done.

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