Swinging, gently undulating in the rhythm of a summer daze. Peace bleeds through the open fields of thought bringing a calm that envelops. Ice melts in cool rivulets, condensation from tumbler to side table. Flags in rapid flutter seem to whisper in patriotic tones; loyalty traverses every breath. Birds in audition, warble and twit, congruous and unpretentious. Butterflies pursued by wide-eyed children of wonder. On the front porch, wiling away the day in unintended thought.

a moment exists
where peace and tranquility
will overcome me

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Haibun presented at dVerse Poets Pub – Haibun Monday #14: “Too Many Mind…”



45 thoughts on “FRONT PORCH

  1. Porches…the ultimate palace of relaxation, i come from a long line of porch sitters. Children, cool drinks, butterflies, flags….what a sigh this brings. Just wiling the day away. I hope you are doing this wonderful relax in one of those big comfy porch rockers. This brings to mind so many summers from myy past. Wonderful haibun

  2. Your porch, my deck, that wonder of being outside. I like that undulating rhythm. For some reason this took me back, way back to my very young childhood and the tire swing in the pepper tree of our back yard, which wasn’t really a yard because it was wide open space.

  3. ‘Birds in audition, warble and twit, congruous and unpretentious’ – marvelous line! I enjoy the irony of the peace and tranquility being the victor in your Haiku. Bravo!

  4. I specially love: Birds in audition, warble and twit, congruous and unpretentious ~

    This is a moment of peace and tranquility ~ A lovely haibun Walt ~

  5. Glenn Buttkus

    Porch is so antebellum, sweet old school. Like Victoria, my peace comes on a covered deck. †his is a nice creative way to relax & rock the prompt at the same time.

    1. The house was sans porch when we bought it. The first thing after upgrading the electrical service was adding on the front porch appendage! Using it more now than then, but that’s how it should be! Thanks for the comment, Glenn!

  6. Love all the liquidy, undulating, breezy imagery. So many beautiful thoughts here. The wordplay of “summer daze.” The slightly disquieting, contradictory, “Peace bleeds through open fields” — subtly conjuring the image of a startling red sunset. “Ice melts in cool rivulets, condensation from tumbler to side table” — just a perfect slice of summery, nostalgic Americana. It’s like a Lana del Rey song, haha.

    Also love the conclusion of the prose section. The phrase “unintended thought” is golden.

    Lots of great stuff here!

    1. I thank you, B.E. There’s an open field across from the house with a park setting where the birds and “woodland” critters play and an elevated reservoir where the geese congregate. And I don’t have to leave the comfort of my porch to witness this. Talk about relaxing!

    1. We’ve forgone the rocking chair just yet. But a nice lounger with a side table to hold my beverage does make it so… “veranda beach”! My girls always played in the area across the street chasing butterflies and studying the rabbits that played not far from where they were! Thanks for the kind comments, Sara!

  7. Well it made me think of Memorial Day that’s coming up that heralds the unofficial start of summer. I love the “flags in rapid flutter that seem to whisper in patriotic tones.” And then all wrapped up in that peaceful haiku…wonderful.

  8. You make me long for a porch swing and all that would come with…
    We definitely need more “unintended thoughts” ..that is where the quiet is.

  9. I am so fortunate to have a front porch, too…it is what sold me on this house! I can sit for hours at a time and watch, smell, listen and relax…and do absolutely nothing. Nice.

  10. This makes me want to take my shoes off and kick back with something cold. We don’t really do porches on this side of the Atlantic. Now I feel nostalgic for something I’ve never had…

  11. Saunter Red
    White and Blue
    Flag Breeze through
    hiGhliGhts sacRed HoLy
    FLiGht iNside.. ouTside..
    so aBove.. beLow
    wHen aLL
    onE fLag
    i oN
    1 noW FReED..:)

    FlaG oF
    LovE fearLess
    juSTiCe Flies iN FeAT..:)

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