This man
standing guard.
Despite efforts
to be fair and firm,
sometimes I fold under
the pressure. Bright hazel eyes
flash their semaphore to signal
the next barrage on this Father’s heart.
Daughters play tug of war for Dad’s favor.

Dad savors every moment with his girls,
they are truly treasures to behold.
For in their tug-of-war they find
I pull them in every time!
Now that they’re all grown up,
the tugs are group hugs.
Me and my girls,
sharing time
and I’m

© Walter J. Wojtanik

Presented at dVerse Poets Pub –  Getting in Shape for Summer – MTB : Etheree


54 thoughts on “STRETCHED THIN

      1. Oh, but there is so much more to it than that. I see what you did, and it’s so much more than just “center justify.” Silly man. 😉

  1. Glenn Buttkus

    Yup, your form is exemplary, & your message touching. I raised three daughters, & now have 7 grandchildren to fuss over. If we stick around long enough, we get to enjoy the “good stuff”.

  2. I bet you are a wonderful Dad, Walt. I like how the title plays into the shape of the etheree. Felt bad I missed your Tuesday prompt…perhaps I will be able to add something next week for OLN. You are a wonderful prompter and enjoyed what you offered.

    1. They say the best thing you can do for your children, is to love their mother. And conversely, loving my girls honors their Mom! A win-win, Grace! Group hugs are the boss!

  3. Aw, this was so full of love and joy. Such a heartfelt expression of affection. And these lines were particularly lovely ” Bright hazel eyes // flash their semaphore”

    1. They sure know how to get the message across to the old man! I have a soft spot in my heart for my girls! (And the soft spot on my head is from my wife! 😉 ). Thanks for stopping, B.E.

  4. I admire this type of affection in families. With two sons, a group hug does not happen for me, but I cherish any hugs that I get….as much as oxygen!
    Your poem looks great in italics, giving the geometrical form a little movement and pizazz!

  5. I thank you for that, Mish. Boy will show their affection in their own ways, I’m sure you know! Movement and pizazz sounds like the way I hoped it would go, so that’s a plus!

  6. I truly enjoyed your poem, although I never had the joy of raising a daughter “from scratch.” Your poem flows nicely, and has some really fine turns of phrase. Good work, Walt!

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