He is dark and brooding, in no mood
for this good versus evil spiel.
He makes men kneel before him
and it’s a sin his grip is so strong.
He had gone wrong long ago
and far,  far away. He was forced to stray.

He, the dreamer. A farm boy annoyed
with his station at this vaporation plant.
He can’t remember much of his past
spending his time blasting wamp rats
and wanting to expand his horizons
beyond these binary suns.

Fate is a forceful friend with an end
where galaxies converge. The urge
to go darkly into that good flight
might entice, some but strength of
character and that inner voice
makes his choice right.

Men from the same name but from
opposing views makes them
choose variant paths. Adventures
never ask where you’d like to go,
they know what needs to be done
and take you along for the ride.

Deep inside you feel connected,
hokey religions keep you protected,
and darkness can be rejected
if the light is strong enough to cut it. It is still
a path you choose, lest you lose yourself.
Flying Solo can only get you so far.

In the end, a bad father and
a good and dutiful son unite,
an epic fight for the common good
found within. A battle for what is right.
Each giving a hand to bring them together.
Never force or underestimate the power!

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2016

dVerse Poets Pub – Tuesday Poetics: Character Study



28 thoughts on “UNLIKE FATHER AND SON

  1. I love how the bad father came around and united. It can be harsh to grow up, and too often what’s bad will blend into the son, but it seems like the opposite can happen too.. you also managed to get that narrative into it which is perfect.

  2. Glenn Buttkus

    Interesting Sci-Fi dystopian vision; kind of lost me as to He & I, but the word smithing is strong, & the final stanza provokes hope.

  3. A very detailed study of the father and son ~ I specially like:

    He makes men kneel before him
    and it’s a sin his grip is so strong.

    I think everyone of us must find our own unique journey, which maybe different from our father or forefathers ~

    1. Our uniqueness though acquired honestly needs to be expressed personally. It’s only different when we grow in it! Thanks for the kind words, and the opportunity to host tonight, Grace!

  4. A dawing as I read this wonderful sketch! It occurs to me how much this is like many father and sons in the here and now – which is why we all love the story so much, I guess. I really appreciate the allusion to Dylan Thomas, too. Thanks for hosting tonight – this one was a stretch for me and that’s a good thing 🙂 Jilly

    1. I’m happy so many have felt the tug of a challenging prompt. It does stimulate us into using different poetic “muscles” 😉 I agree with the assessment about fathers/sons of different time being closely tied. Thanks, Jilly!

  5. I too love how the bad father came around and united. Not being a male or having had brothers, I haven’t experienced a father-son relationship first-hand, but I remember how my father used to do ‘boy’ things with me when I was little, I suppose because he wanted a boy. As I grew into teenage-hood, he had less and less time for me, which changed when I moved to Germany at the age of 16 and he wrote to me regularly. Then, when my daughter was born, we became much closer and he loved her, I believed, more than he loved me as a child. I learned a lot about him before he died and we did come to understand each other.

    1. Our life journeys should all culminate in an understanding, Kim. Very happy you both had that epiphany. I had been estranged from my Dad and family toward the end of his life, but when his cancer took grip of him, we came together. My absolution came not in words of forgiveness, but in a comforting smile that never left his face until the day he died.

  6. The father / son relationship can be a complicated one.
    never ask where you’d like to go,
    they know what needs to be done
    and take you along for the ride.”
    These lines ring so true — whether one is a father, son, or not.

  7. WeLL.. first of aLL.. Walter thanks
    for this prompt… while i no longer
    directly link to dVerse this one
    is quite inspiring as human
    is my favorite
    of Earth..
    and yes.. a powerful
    write here in the Father
    and Son struggle of WiLL
    and Love.. when they
    come together fearless..
    truly a
    be re-born..:)

  8. Another one that missed my inbox. (‘zer sumthin happenin’ with your aim??) 😉

    As always – internal rhymes are magnificent. I especially liked the line Each giving a hand to bring them together. As I read it, I imagined a handshake that led to a greater embrace.

  9. My aim ain’t so bad, but my eyes is freaky lately.

    That’s a great interpretation for the “giving hands” visual. That hadn’t crossed my mind at the time, but it certainly does present as such!

    The internal rhymes have taken on a life of their own. They have become effortless lately and it gets a bit scary at the ease of the,. I’m glad you find them magnificent. Yours are pretty OK themselves! 😀 Thanks again, Paula!

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