He comes bearing gifts,
peace offerings and coffers
full of symbolism of little value.
His robes, are a tattered hoodie
and torn denim jeans,
coffee stained and remains of color
where splashes of bleach had landed.
A backpack slung, not well hung
and perched precariously carrying
various swatches of torn pages
and different stages of half chewed Wrigley’s
wrapped in the business end of a soiled tissue.
But it is you that he seeks, speaking your name
in mumbled tones. Written in unpublished
tomes and journals, kernals of truth
and little else. The rabble travel in packs
and stacks of wooden pallets stagger
through these darkened alleys of despair.
But what do they care? Weathered
and nailed to the crosswalk; talk of their
demise is greatly exaggerated. Following closely
as a car rises in the East; a feast for tired eyes.
His legs will carry him just so far, and it mars
any taint of reputation. Concerning his situation:
The stuff in the gold foil needed refrigeration.
It’s merely spoiled and exudes the foul smell.
And why the hell is Frank incensed anyway?
His hovel isn’t much, but it’s home
I suppose. Don’t mind his clothes.
I offer my spare change; He’ll take the bus.
Merry Christmas!

For dVerse poets Tuesday Poetics – Character Study


22 thoughts on “THE MAGI TAKES THE METRO

  1. An unexpected twist in the magi tale Walt ~ I specially like the spirituality of these lines:

    But it is you that he seeks, speaking your name
    in mumbled tones.

    Thanks for an interesting challenge Walt ~

  2. The layers are so thick I need onion-peeling powers! That which you slip between the lines sparkles clearly and you dabble in allusion with the best, a skill I greatly admire.

  3. therisa

    So many unique and interesting lines of verse, Walt, you have woven, into this poem, but my favourite one is:

    “as a car rises in the East; a feast for tired eyes.”

    For some reason, it resonates, with me, that I can’t explain why.

  4. If it makes you ponder and resonates as you say, then I feel I’ve accomplished something with this bit of poetics. It is why we ply this trade, Therisa. And thanks for the kind words

    1. I tried fitting the gold, Frank incensed and myrrh (merely) in close proximity to each other for effect, Sara! I tend to go a bit overboard with the “undercurrent” and subliminal pokes, but glad it joins it together! Thanks for the comment, oh Purple One!

  5. Another traveler in this journey of life. He seemed to be ready to move on at the drop of his floppy cap. He struck me as wise beyond his circumstance! Like the Magi bearing gifts! Thank you for your kind words, Kim!

    1. I’m not sure why they are slipping through. I haven’t changed any settings. Sorry you missed it! (or it missed you) But thanks for the kind words as all ways, Paula. 😀

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