I’ve loved you before. But something has changed within me, and you see, I can’t fight it anymore! It goes to the core of this guy you knew and it’s true. You see it too! I can’t hold you like I am used to, my caresses aren’t like they once were. And sure, you can still make my heart dance and sing; you bring out the best in the rest of me! But something has changed. These feelings have rearranged and I never thought they could, or even should. I would find the bliss in every kiss you offer, but I scoff at the idea that that’s all there is! My heart is aching, it is near breaking, almost to bursting and what’s worse,  I am glad it is so. Because, just when I thought I can’t love you any more, I realize… I truly love you more than ever!

there are no limits
to love, hearts find their own mate
love all that you can

© Walter J.  Wojtanik – 2016


Poetic Asides April Poem-A-Day Challenge – Day #26: “Love/Anti-love”

**This anticipated prompt came a day early, but I’m using it to convey these sentiments to my bride of 31 years (tomorrow). Happy Anniversary, Janice!


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