Weather: sunny and warm
Flora: crocuses newly formed
Architecture: Many styles,
Customs: start with warming smiles.
Mammal /fish: We love dogs; we raise fish
Childhood dream: Fran-Ceil’s soft-serve in a dish.
Found on the Street: seventeen dollars
Graffiti: A tag that reads “Holla, holla”
Conspiracy: the Al-queda six
Dress: Comfy and casual is our pick
Hometown memory: Smokes Creek Floods
Outside your window, you find: fine trimmed yards
Today’s news headline: What ever the media wants to say,
Scrap from a letter: “I’m sorry it has to be this way!”
Animal from a myth: Sasquatch’s Brother
Story read to children at night: “Are You My Mother?”
You walk three minutes down an alley and you find: some money
You walk to the border and hear: “Got a looney?”
What you fear: Losing my “voice”
Picture on your city’s postcard: An old building of your choice!
Lackawanna where I was raised honored on this sixteenth day!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 16: “Almanac”