(or “What Makes a Life So Far?”)

My life can be encapsulated in eight words, each a breach of my confidence and vision. As I look at every tidbit, I’m hit with a bit of melancholy. It is rather akin to folly to think we escape this life unscathed becoming one of my own memories in the process. This body is not a temple, not a vessel of peace or righteousness. My best guess is that I am just a monkey in this three-ring circus called life.

As a boy I had flat feet and although I did not choose to wear orthopedic shoes, I had to anyway. I cracked a front tooth when I was 12 and before I turned thirteen, I cracked the other. My sense of fashion was retarded by my father’s lack of it. He looked bad in the gaudy plaids he’d wear, and I did equally due too his hideous hand-me-overs! I delivered papers for a while, serving to 200 addresses (or two dumpsters). How does a kid get blacklisted by the fourth estate? And yet I persevered and became enamored with words in this lavish rouse of poetic prowess. I guess I’ve done okay by it!

Every walk of life,
presents us with a vision.
We see where we‘ve been

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Poetic Asides April Poem-A-Day Challenge 2016 – Day #15: Use four or more of these words: FLAT, RING, LAVISH, VESSEL, PAPER, BLACKLIST, GAUDY, TOOTH.


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