Soft insinuations play within this vacuous heart. It starts as the spark that memory allows to smolder. A siren’s call within my head displaces dread and heartache. Here within these gates, among the marble pillars; stones and obelisks to mark each valiant soul, and I take time out to stand before her. Sunset near breaking, taking its time to shine upon this cold place. Her face, behind closed eyes, tender touches of hands so soft, serenity’s surrogate reminding me time and again. Calling in telepathic tones, my name in her voice, her name in my ear. Laments of love return in silent whispers, hand reaching, beseeching the spirits to rest and allow me the same. And still I hear my name. Whispers of love never die!

In the name of love
moments fleeting in the heart
start to fill our days

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Poetic Asides April Poem-A-Day Challenge 2016 – Day #14: “Time Out”

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