He said, “Good Morning! A lovely day isn’t it?”
She said nothing and smiled.
He said, “ I hope you’re feeling better today!”
She said, “I’d be doing much better if you’d leave me alone!”
He said “Fine!” and walked away

Days passed, sight unseen
and it had been
as long since they “talked”
as long as he’d walked.

The phone rang!

He said, “Hello.” He knew who it could be when
She said, “I’ve been thinking!”
He said he felt like he had been drinking
She said, “ I have this sinking feeling I’m falling!”
He said he knew there was a reason she was calling!

Seconds passed, he took a breath
Needing to say something, and yet
He needed the nerve,
Was she throwing a curve?

A bell rang…

He said, “I noticed your number. You’ve been calling…”
She said to herself, “He’s stalling”
He admitted saying, “I’m stalling. I’m not sure…”
She said, “I’m sorry I bothered you!’
He said “Fine!” put the phone away.

Weeks passed, sound unheard
And it had been
So absurd when they “talked”
As long as he’d balked.

The phone rang!

He said, “Hello?” He wasn’t sure she would call back,
She said, “Look I admitted my feelings…” her head was reeling,
He said, stealing her thunder, “Don’t you wonder what I’d say?”
She said, “The day when I went away? Yes” she said to her dismay!
He said by the way, “I’m not sure… but I think I’m falling too!”

Minutes passed, he was gassed
And it had been two miles
He had run to see her smile.
It was the longest while.

The doorbell rang!

She said, “What do YOU want?
He said “We were falling…”
She said “I feel sick again. It appears I was calling…”
He said sadly, “…the wrong number?”
She said, “Yes. But I guess since you’re already here, d’you have time for a beer?”

The bottle was passed, they were gassed
It seems they had a good time
And it cost not a dime.
Now they meet every Tuesday, same time!

A Wedding ring?

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

One thought on “HE SAID, SHE SAID

  1. sheryl kay oder

    I was taken by this poem the first time I read it.

    I’m glad I reread it to get closer to its meaning. My first reaction was it was like the conversations we have at home. Hearing issues make us misunderstand what the other one says. Consonants are lost in the shuffle. It was only upon the second reading I realized the falling was falling in love. So much was unsaid.

    It is an intriguing poem. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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