…and so I find there is a richness in these words, the expression of visions seen through the eyes of my heart. I started out on tentative feet, testing the waters when I should ought to have jumped right in. It brought me besides many like-minded souls, trolling their own waters to release the energies well within their worded wonder. People like me who think others might benefit from their “wisdom”. But the thoughts that languished within me have filled my coffers with a wealth of emotions and a twisted devotion to making a life of metered rhyme. But it has yet to make me rich. It never will. I’m never going to retire on it.

I’ve learned to follow my heart, and starting from that first fit of madness seven Aprils ago, I was able to show what it was that drove me (crazy or otherwise). Richer in the friends with whom I would surround myself, all with out-turned pockets, writing these bottle rockets of words that shot into the sky to explode brightly and then fade. No parades in our honor. Just the honor of the shared brilliance they and I had expounded. It has kept us grounded… we poor misguided minions.

But, there is no doubt that the verse that comes out has labeled me. In the fable of my life, I have been rife with enough good things of which to write. So many places I have been; seen. And people… those who have influenced me, those who have loved me. Those that I have loved. All have inspired this “rapid-fire poet for hire”, the tag that I have been given. I’m living proof that my dreams never truly fade. They merely invade my heart and coerce me to be what feels right to ME. This dalliance with words has infected me most of my life and I didn’t know it. Not until I saw myself through the eyes of a poet’s heart.

That being said, all that I have seen and done, all that I will eventually leave on the table untouched, all that I know or have known, will be left for others to judge. I am just Walter. You can call me poet; call me fool. I am one and the same!

And in the end,
life will be splayed on pages,
Tomes for tomorrow

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Poetic Asides April Poem-A-Day Challenge: Day 1 – “Foolish”

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