“Come –
see real blossoms
of this painful world” ~Basho

She is a true beauty. One who is unconditional in her loving. She is living a distant life shackled to her hopes and dreams long awakened. It has taken her all this time to find the love she craved, but it has yet to save her from herself. So she keeps it on her shelf and takes it down now and again to remind her that if he really wanted to, he would find her deep within his heart.

She starts to doubt herself. She starts to believe that love has abandoned her. She starts to think she is not worth the bother to be with another. And then his voice calls out, the lout who loves her from afar! She is never far from his heart, but she fears it will never be enough. She longs for his kiss. His caress is a heartfelt wish. Her embrace falls short. They feel each others absence.

Miles separate hearts
meant to hold close to each other;
the agony!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

dVerse Poets Pub – Haibun Monday #10 Hanami



  1. How wonderful that you did two haibun for this prompt. I truly thank you. And now I am humming that song by Yes….can’t believe I still remember the words and tune! Agony indeed! It is sad when the embrace and longing for love fall short. the senryu for this emphasizes the stunning prose in the haiku.

  2. The turn in this story touched me:

    His caress is a heartfelt wish. Her embrace falls short. They feel each others absence.

    I hope that she finds a love that reciprocates her unconditionally ~ The separation is agony to lovers ~

  3. WeLL.. even living
    wiTh.. perHaps
    the most
    46 year
    old woman
    iN the world..
    alWays liVing
    reTirRinG toGeTher
    as such.. more challenge
    than liVinG worK distances..
    sure.. for.. at least.. uS iNow…

    TrUe FriEnds
    Live forEver noW..
    difficult or easy..:)

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