I find my peace within my words,
and express the way that I feel.
My words can either hurt or heal,

they can make sense or be absurd.
Rhymes that I fashion have passion
without a thought to go unheard.

I try to present them with zeal,
I find my peace within my words.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Octain Refrain–dVerse Meeting the Bar



51 thoughts on “INNER PEACE

  1. Being able to express ourselves–even in writing that no one else will see–is so clarifying and does help us find peace. When we can do that in shared poetry, even more so, extending the influence to others.

    1. The support of this poetic community does more than we realize. I’m glad we can encourage, cajole and critique each other into becoming better at our craft. Thanks, Victoria!

    1. Thank you, De. We came up through the ranks together and that was the environment that nurtured such things. I’m glad my words have that effect on others. And you should talk!

  2. I think those of us that can channel our thoughts, emotions and wisdom into poetry are blessed. We can create to our heart’s content which can be a healing and growing experience, and we also impact others as our words resonate with their own lives and experiences. Inner peace…It’s a win win. 🙂

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