In the scheme of our evolution
I’m not sure of your ranking,
but rest assured that you
certainly are quite rank.
You stink. (You always stank.)
you need a bath, a coiffeur and a shave.
Never a slave to fashion,
(you have no clothes)
or guided by your passion,
Be you Bigfoot, or be you a yeti,
you better be ready, Freddie!
They’re planning a Sasquatch get together.
There’s going to be a stench* tonight! Whew!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

dVerse Poets Pub – Poetics: Poetry is For the Birds

*  A group of Sasquatch is a “stench”!



  1. therisa

    Lol. Thank you, Walter, for the laughter, which this poem generated. The stench of Sasquatch, probably, the most original collective noun, for an imaginary creature. 😀

  2. This made me smile, Walt! Glad that you explained abut the meaning of ‘stench’ – now you have me wondering about the origin of the term!

  3. Glenn Buttkus

    Yup, you get the dVPP prize for originality; collective nouns are cool–what a gas to use them for the prompt. Here in WA state we tale Sasquatch seriously. lots of mountains & dense forests. I wonder if the term would be a “stench of politicians”?

  4. Ha…I’ve always heard that Sasquatches stink…so an apt name for a group I suppose. I really enjoyed your fun tale of those stinky animals with the big feet! Is Big Foot the same thing as a Sasquatch…now I’m wondering…

    1. I flew the coop on this effort, Viv. Sasquatch is akin to Bigfoot, a Yeti, an abominable snowman. A larger than life myth of a giant hairy creature out in the wilderness. My second poem is more bird based!

  5. Very late to the bar I am….just posted and reading now over my Thursday morning coffee, on this one of our last days in Bermuda. This is wonderful! Chuckling I am! Love the additions of exclamation points and all caps…..can just hear the yelling at this dense stench! 🙂

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