Hidden in a wooden hollow
lost boys answer to one man,
it is not the Pan they follow,
he would be an also-ran.
Lost boys search within themselves,
and not in some delinquent elf.
Childhood will melt away,
no more in Neverland to stay!!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

For dVerse Poets Pub – Quadrille 5 (Using the word “melt”)


41 thoughts on “LAST OF THE LOST BOYS

  1. I think I will be sad if my childhood melts away ~ Those lost boys can hopefully find the answer to within themselves, Neverland or not ~

    Thanks for joining us Walt ~

  2. Ha ha ha. The elf line is cracking me up.

    This is flipping brilliant, dude:
    “it is not the Pan they follow,
    he would be an also-ran.”

    Do you know this song? …

    1. I frickin’ LOVE this song. My daughter has been listening to it for a month or so, and I am literally in love with it.

      Walt, this is a great piece. Loves me some Neverland.

  3. Have always been fascinated by Neverland and the Lost Boys and even more recently, The Lost Boys of vampire origin. Not only did you do the 44 words, but you did an excellent rhyme and rhythm with this. Excellent Thanks for joining us dVerse Lost Poets….

  4. Those Lost Boys could do some inner work and figure out what direction to take…stay in Neverland or discover some new horizons out there. I love how you made your Quadrille rhyme…love this!

  5. I always found Neverland a little sinister and whenever I hear the words ‘lost boys I think of the vampire film with Kiefer Sutherland. What would it be like to be the last of either group of lost boys? When is the ‘melting point’ of childhood, especially nowadays? I’m at that age where I really can’t remember, but your poem has made me think. 🙂

  6. Truth be told Kim, I never fancied the vampire bastardization. As for Neverland? That place between dreaming and wide awake? Sort of explains the transition into a more adult reality, me thinks! A stepping off point?

  7. Glenn Buttkus

    One tremendous advantage to being a poet is that each of us harbors that lost boy/girl in a hidden chamber of the self, & regardless of tragedy (terrorist attacks today), chaos, or strife, those inner children are whistling birdsong & diving nose-deep into new blossoms. For me, Robin Williams, despite his inner demons, will be the quintessential Pan.

  8. Neverland is near and dear to my heart as my son writes plays and his first 3-act play centers around what happens to the last of the lost boys… He also played Peter Pan twice as a youth and just recently saw “Finding Neverland” on Broadway (3 times with different children)… Love Robin Williams in the movie as well…) Once the boy is lost, I’m not sure it makes for a better man. Liked your poem a lot.

    1. Thanks Margaret. My “Neverland” poems could fill a chapbook at the least. Robin had portrayed many characters that are memorable and iconic, Peter (Peter Pan) Banning among them. It’s what the “lost boy” takes away from the experience that does or doesn’t make the man. This lost found himself in his poetry!

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