Pray thee I find within me
gentility or some other saintly wile.
A comforting smile devoid of style
yet full of passion
and compassion.
I have been de-frocked, mocked
and ridiculed –
yet I’m fueled by this fire,
a desire to serve
as an example,
a sample of how-to,
to view the magnificence
in others; sisters and brothers
in this life as it was given.
Living each day in a way
that honors my Maker/Taker,
a real deal breaker.
Pray thee I find him within me
or in failing, find him elsewhere.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Saint / Saintliness


26 thoughts on “SAINT ELSEWHERE

  1. Pray thee I find him within me
    or in failing, find him elsewhere.

    Such wonderful lines 🙂 we chose the same line of thought.
    Beautifully expressed.

    Lots of love,

  2. What fun! I second your prayer, though I think “saintly wile’ is an oxymoron, and the tone of your poem suggests the narrator is an unlikely candidate. You made laugh. And yet: we must let others find the saintliness in us through our actions–or somewhere else.

  3. If you ever find the way of viewing magnificence in others (apart from small children and the saintly few)….please let me know…In this area I am stumbling blind in the wilderness.Long time no see.Your new avatar seems to indicate well being. It must be the saintly life you are leading:)
    Good to see you here !

    1. Rall! I have my battles with wellness, but that photo was a very good day! The wilderness isn’t all that bad when you remember you aren’t alone stumbling. Good to be here; glad to see you too!

  4. This struck me at a very deep level–that journey that we undertake throughout life with its successes and apparent failures…because I trust and believe that even in the defrocking there is growth to be found.

  5. Walt, what a pleasure to read you today! I love that tug of war within, as displayed by this poem. Isn’t it always the way, hoping that folks find the best within us? Well done, and glad I posted at Poets United to find you! Love, Amy

  6. My bias for television memories from my childhood kept turning the title to the TV show, lol.

    But like the show, your poem highlights the grit it takes to be a person, let alone a good one. Great write!

    1. That television show title was the first thing that popped into my thoughts. Lol.

      We all strive to be better people. Some succeed. Those are the ones with whom you surround yourself! Thanks for commenting, Luk!

  7. This is such a gift:

    to view the magnificence
    in others; sisters and brothers
    in this life as it was given.”

    to see the best in others and in all…

    Thoughtful and sensitive poem, Walt. Thank you!

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