A bubble blown had bounded down
quite through the looking glass it found
a parse of sand on which to land
rather angrily there in wonderland.
And there is certainly nothing worst
than a bounding bubble badly burst
upon that strand of sandy land.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

Quadrille 3 at dVerse


21 thoughts on “MALICE IN WONDERLAND

  1. Ooooo. I love this, Walt! Especially that “parse of sand.” And I loves me some Wonderland, always.
    Don’t forget to link up over at dVerse, and bubble around to read some awesome fellow poets! 🙂

  2. I can’t convey how deeply this resonates with me at this precise moment in time, Walt.

    I love your work and will now be following you closely.

    1. “My heart envisions what my eyes refuse to see.” ~Poet Walter J Wojtanik

      May I borrow this, just to tell myself now and again? My little yellow blog is not yet read, but for De.

  3. The Wonderland world always seems to have a slightly skewed “cause and effect”, so I can only imagine what might had gotten there if a bubble were to burst. Great piece!

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