Never forget Forgetful Jones.
He’s the man who made his bones
in a most forgetful way!
He would remember things until this day

if only his “remembery” was working well!
Folks around town would always tell
their deepest, darkest secret
and he would certainly keep it

under wraps for a moment or two
but he couldn’t tell a soul or you
what you had decidedly said
because every thought inside his wide head

would have hightailed it out without so much
as a note or phone call or such.
So he was labeled with that name
that has secured his forgetful fame.

Besides, what’s in a name? A Jones
by any other name would make his bones
in anyway that he’d see himself fit to do!
As long as he could remember what it was he was up to!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2015

POETIC ASIDES / Robert Lee Brewer – Prompt #325: FORGET__________


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