It doesn’t matter where you were,
the further you go from there
the less it matters. And don’t
flatter yourself because
your trophy shelf is full
of awards and honorariums.
Do not construct your museum!
Forget all that. For in the end,
they will only ask one question.
Are you a good person?
Are you a mensch?
Did I mention, do you serve
humanity? Does your brand of insanity
translate well in the Great scheme of things?
Be the you that you need to be
from this point through eternity!
Free yourself from the shackles
and pay no attention to the cackles
from the salacious depths of despair.
Always remain here, not there.
Live for today. Live for this moment.
Forget where you’ve been.
Be here now. That is surely
how your life will matter!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2015

POETIC ASIDES / Robert Lee Brewer – Prompt #325: FORGET__________


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