You’ve heard it said, “You can’t go home again”. And as that may be true in reality, memories and happy moments will live in your heart and mind taking you back to where your life began. Years after we had left our ancestral home, I assembled poems based on our house on Wood Street in tribute to my father the carpenter, and all influences that gave me my bearing. My very first poetry collection, a “Chapbook” entitled  WOOD was self-published and relatively well received. You’d think it would be the last word on the subject. Apparently not!

I had gone “back to the well” on numerous occasions to penned poems extending the scope of growing up  from one end of Wood Street to the other. So, my mother gets more play here, as well as the neighbors and our domain that spanned from Warsaw Street to Roland Avenue. In a sense I am going back home one more time. My next book, RETURN TO WOOD is the extension of that magical place. It had been a combination of a personal OZ, Neverland with a touch of Narnia blended in. Not so surprisingly, all three of those places had been subjects of “Return” stories as well. I’d appreciate it greatly if you watched for it and visit WOOD once more.


Return to Wood

RETURN TO WOOD is available at as of today, and will hit Barnes and soon.



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