Soupy Sales
Soupy Sales

You may have heard tales
of Soupy Sales. I’m here to say
they are true. You needed a sense
of his humor and innocence,
and a slew of lunches
and bunches of pies!

American comedian and actor,
it was a factor in his early days.
This crazy radio-TV personality and host,
got the most mileage out of schtick.
His children’s television shows,
would go on to enthrall.

In every case, he’d end
with a pie in the face and trace
his eye sockets for pockets of whipped
cream. It would seem juvenile now,
but I know my smile was thick,
and made me a fan of slapstick.

Game shows came to fill
his later days, and it says
it was a real push to not give
Arlene Francis one in the moosh
(a pie, that is). I miss Milton Supman –
Soupy Sales. Dead pie men tell no tales!


(C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2015

For Poetic Asides by with Robert Lee Brewer – Prompt 314: Pie


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