PiemanTo call him “simple” is an insult,
any way you slice it! Suffice it
to say he remains to this day
an extraordinary pastry baker
and pie maker. He takes pleasure
in every measure and crust,
he must continue with family tradition.
It would be akin to sedition
to go off and make cake.
Make no mistake, Simon’s pies
are an eyeful – there’s a smile
in every bite. If your flavor is savory,
he has you covered. The upper crust
is just to hold the filling in.
But, he is truly replete with sweetness,
be it fruity or creamy, Simon’s pies
are dreamy. His flavors are complex,
so please don’t vex him by labeling him.
Save the “simple” for your Easy- Bake Oven!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2015

For Poetic Asides by with Robert Lee Brewer – Prompt 314: Pie


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