In youth, “Little Wally” labeled me,
as my father carried Walter proudly.
I loudly exclaimed I wanted my own name.
But all the same, that’s who we would be.

As I got older, the balance was struck
and we were both stuck with “Waller”.
(Although I remained “little” and he was “big”.)
No dig on him. we’d both come when mom called.

Somewhere, Wally and Waller started to hang
oddly on me and I insisted on Walter or Walt.
It was no one’s fault, I had outgrown that
by which I was known; now full grown.

But it seemed the tables had turned
and my father yearned for his younger days
as his dwindled down to a precious few. You knew
he would reclaim Wally and he insisted on it.

From “Little Wally” to Walt I transformed;
from Waller to “Big Wally” he had reformed.
Both carrying it proudly and loudly shared
its worth. The best darn name on Earth!

~Walter J. Wojtanik

Poetic Asides by Robert Lee Brewer – Prompt 306: Childhood


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