Your resistance
is measured. Your presence
is restrictive. Not quite so vindictive,
as you are counter-                productive. A great-
er your impedance,                        the slower the flow.
But, lacking your blo-                           cking nature, the
stature of all movem-                             ent goes. These words
are electric, they po-                          ssess great power not
to be restricted by                           kilowatt hour. Amped
up and fully cha-                        rged, all resistance is
futile, a hurdle                       bypassed at every
turn. It’s time                     you learn Pohm’s
(Poem’s) law. The path                  of least resistance yields the
greatest creative flow.Let            it go, and go enjoy the show
For you surely know, that           is the only way we’ll grow.



© Walter J Wojtanik, 2015

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