John has passed.
He has breathed his last labored breath
and he lies in death as he had in life.
Close to his wife, daughters at hand
and grandchildren held in loving embrace.
His face is gaunt, ashen and the fashion
of passing was a complete surrender,
white flag aloft in defiant splendor.
John has found his peace, a niche
in God’s little corner of heaven.
He had given all he could and would
give more if it was allowed him.
But now, we stand without him
holding him within and cherishing
each tender moment, every memory
that has us rapt in laughter, cringing
in pain, tearful in sadness that paints
our grief. The gruff old man can finally
stand once again, impatiently waiting
at Heaven’s gate tapping his watch.
“This joint should have opened
an hour ago!’ we can hear his lament.
John has been sent to ready our way;
our eventual reunion in splendor.
It has rendered us sorrowful, but
he has shown us that we have nothing
to fear in death. Live until your final breath!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2014


5 thoughts on “JOHN HAS PASSED

  1. Your series of poems about John are a wonderful tribute and a powerful poetic documentation of the transition from life to death, as one generation shows the way to those next in line. These poems have deeply affected me, Walt. May John find peace. May memories bring you comfort.

  2. Walt, such a wonderful and loving tribute to a man I can see through your words. My thoughts are with you and your family as you lay this good man to rest, cherishing all that he leaves behind in all of your hearts.

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