Little willow, we should stand
together and strong. All my trials
are reflected in your life, strife can affect
everybody out there. Maybe I’m amazed
that we walk in similar shoes; vintage clothes.
The vanilla sky allows me to see your sunshine,
the divine light you give. We should live to appreciate
in gratitude. It is freedom that will save us,
but only mama knows what’s coming up.
I want to come home, away from the
“big boys’ bickering; a tug of war.
Too many people in the world tonight
argue and fight fearing the nearing
of the end of the end. That day is done.
No one can stand in deference to another.
Scared to make changes, rearrange the way
they view the world. You tell me, does this
wanderlust provide comfort? Do the pipes
of peace smolder fruitlessly? Nod your head
If you agree that a new course is needed;
words of love should be heeded and revered.
Only our hearts will know. But there will be
no hosanna chanted. The needed love has been
recanted. We go looking for changes,
but find none. Things remain the same. It’s a shame.


(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014

Based on the songs of Paul McCartney



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