It’s a land of confusion, Mama,
that’s all! You can call me whatever you want,
but the path I follow is the life I lead.
It is indeed what I need; I can no longer
follow you.

“You’re throwing it all away” Mama yelled!
“Why, no son of mine will ever give up!
I won’t let you quit!” she said as much.
“You used to have that ‘invisible touch’,
follow me?”

“Turn it on again!” she resigned.
There’s no chance. I can’t dance, Mama.
“You’ve been blessed” she replied.
She tried, but I didn’t listen. No one will
follow you.

“I’ll pray for you two” Mama offered.
“Jesus, he knows me. He’ll help you!”
The Lamb lies, I said. Down on Broadway he just
turned and walked away. All he’d ever say was,
Follow me.”

Mama fell to her knees with the pleas
‘Hold on, my heart!’ I hated when she’d start that!
Another day in Paradise, I thought to myself.
I put some money on the shelf. She whispered, “I’ll
follow you”

I don’t care anymore. These were my true colors.
But there’s something in the air tonight.
Maybe if I gave it one more night,
I thought. Against all odds, I’ll give it another try,
follow me?

I walked. I thought. I landed on her stoop.
She opened the door slightly. “Are you all right?”
There was a sigh; she had been crying.
Look, I’m trying to say I’m sorry. My heart will
follow you.

Sadly, she replied. “Easy lover, you can’t hurry love,
and it seemed like it was all moving too fast”
At last, she said “but, you’ll be in my heart”.
I missed again. We’re better apart living separate lives.
Follow me? Follow you!


(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014

Based on the songs of Genesis and Phil Collins



***Notes: I had to change the scheduled rotation of artists. I couldn’t let this prompt go by without Genesis’ “Follow You, Follow Me” which came immediately to mind. The artist delegated to this date, Tom Petty, would have yielded only eight good titles tops. Genesis / Phil Collins was like tapping the mother lode. Follow me?


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