How many more times can my rhymes
find a new direction? Upon further dissection
there are many ways to say the things
that start in my heart. It’s my choice to use
the words I choose. That’s the way I stroll!
There’s no communication breakdown,
I’ve found myself dazed and confused, but these words
are hardly misused. The song remains the same,
but a new refrain keeps things fresh.
A whole lotta love can be conveyed that way.

Every day’s a celebration day. Whether I
bring it on home or I take you over the hills
and far away, today’s the day to do it.
D’yer maker, Heartbreaker? Or do you remain
a fool in the rain? The choice is yours again.

Friends, your time is gonna come.
For, your life matters. It flatters me.
In the light or in the evening, leaving me
feeling all my love is rightly given.
Livin’, lovin’, made me a shade better man.

So I think I’m doing Walter’s walk,
going to California, or Ohio,
or Texas or the gallows pole. A saunter,
or stroll, it’s all Rock and Roll.
Oh, but how I do ramble on!

I was born the rover. Trampled, under foot,
covered with soot and the dirt of ageless
civilizations. I have this revelation:
the stairway to heaven will not lead
to the houses of the holy.

And in my time of dying, I’d be lying
if I said I’d roll over like a black dog
and play dead. I’m gonna crawl and
all the wearing and tearing on my knees
will gladly be nobody’s fault but mine.


(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014

Based on the songs of Led Zeppelin



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