He flies by night between stars and far away places,
faces of crimeless victims smile in gratitude.
He becomes sequestered in his Fortress of Solitude
or Crackerbox Palace or whatever it is he calls sanctuary.
Never stationary, he moves in swift circles, his sidekick –
Dark Sweet Lady dressed in red, tired of midnight
blue. All those years ago when the flying hour came,
under the guise of Sir Frankie Crisp (he talked with a lisp);
his mild manner was his greatest power.
An excitable boy, Frank heeded his mother’s command,
“Cheer Down!” his ensuing frown belying his darkened mood.
But he stood for good, giving love… giving peace on earth,
and for all he was worth, my sweet Lord, he knew
the answer was at the end of each journey.
He is called “Darkness” a superhero of the night,
he is Crisp in the light. He is no run of the mill crusader.
He is not guilty of any crime, save for double parking
the Darkmobile one time. All things must pass,
and his license should be clear in a year. Yet here
he is fighting wrong! This is his song (it goes “Wah-Wah”)
Anytime, anywhere, any road leads him there.
His mind is set on you, evil doers! He and Dark Sweet Lady
will have you anytime, because what is life but the art of dying.
So, when there is despair, where harm finds you there,
when evil goes where evil dares, beware of Darkness!


(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014

Based on the songs of George Harrison


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