You’ve hidden your love away
and stay inside as any good Norwegian would.
You sleep, golden in your dreams and it seems
the weight you carry is nary a drop in the bucket.
In the end, you take love as good as you give
and you live as a winner of life’s lottery;
no loser here! Another day in the life,
another day as hard as night. And right before
you are sleeping, something is creeping
into your heart. She loves you, she’s always loved you!
That’s the thing she says today and tomorrow
will never know. So you go forward,
across town, or hamlet, or universe,
not sure whether to curse or let it be.
There is no help in your life, and you weep
like any sad guitar. You are rife for
a revolt and nine time out of ten,
you spend your time trying to buy
the love you’ve left behind.
You think you can work it out,
but you’re out of ideas.
She loved you yesterday,
but yesterday’s gone.


(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014

Based on the songs of The Beatles



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