A cowboy rides
into town; a new sheriff
to spread the peace and keep it.
A voice thick and drawn, a spellbinder
weaving words with an eclectic style,
a smile that charms the masses.
In a class by himself, this music man
stands ready to draw, “guns”
loaded with wit and wisdom.
A cosmic sort, ethereal and as real
as none before him. Riding the airwaves,
up and down the eastern seaboard,
a hoard of believers hanging on every
word and absurd quip, a quick lip
across the Buffalo radio dial.
And me a young-blood, hearing the
endearing worded wizardry of a sage
at an age when one was lacking.
Packing as much sincerity
in the clarity he offered.
Brother of another mother,
Shane Brother Shane. The memories remain,
“Love is but a song we sing”,
opening the “Box” releasing the gifts
lifted high. Peace and love in
a nightly “Get Together” tethered
by heartstrings and leather fringe.
The trappings of cool, nobody’s fool;
he ruled the sunset. Ride on cowboy!
Shane. Brother Shane.

(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014

***Write about a musical influence from the past – Creative Bloomings


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