Broad brush strokes of Alizarin Crimson
and amaranth, American Beauty Rose is a miss
that lusters like a ruby in the noonday sun.

Auburn tinted leaves leave little to imagine,
but the grin that spreads from ear to ear
is clear. Brick and mortar are not built for speed,

indeed they are solid; a structured foundation
upon which lives are constructed. We’ve tucked
our collars up and the skies remain changeable.

Unstable weather not withstanding, Fall
is handing us a sneak peek at the peak of the season.
There is no reason to stay sequestered, it has festered

for as long as you’ve been marooned. Soon
the Cardinal will perch on barren branches
and the chances are slim that Winter will delay.

All fruited hints of a tint so rusty; ruddy
and bloody replacing candy apple and cherry,
(although grapes make great claret; burgundy)

and we see the sun diminish at the finish of day.
Unfurled, our canvas sways and stays billowed
like a skyward pillow capturing the breath of Him.

Scarlet spinnaker shadowed in silhouette,
you have yet to pull anchor, thankful for this moment.
A descending sun back-lighting the horizon,
it will rise again on the next New Day!

Copyright © 2014 Walter J Wojtanik


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