The air is chilled.
Clouds in a hue of blue
that feels frigid, making
exposed digits ache and stiffen.
Autumn enters through
Summer’s closing door
and it’s true that fall could be hours old,
but the cold will have you believing
that looks are deceiving. Summer is departing;
can a disheartening Winter be far behind?
I find that this respite is a diversion,
an excursion through the year of seasons.
No reason can suffice to quell
crimson leaves and ice .


Copyright © Walter J. Wojtanik -2014



6 thoughts on “SEASONS CHANGE

  1. Our Fall is much gentler – we’ve had a heatwave for the last few weeks which is letting us down a degree at a time now that September is nearing its end. Your poem is lovely. I really like the idea of Autumn entering through Summer’s closing door

  2. The last line captures autumn perfectly.
    Almost time to get out the down comforter.
    Though it has been nice not having the air or the heat on for the last couple of weeks.

    I was told that ‘Indian Summer’ could not occur until after the first true frost. I guess that is different from the ‘Dog Days of Summer’. I am waiting for the gnats and mosquitoes to go to sleep!

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