Writing “poetic” lines using the words :
drink, drop, sardines, needed, letters, terrible, life, finished, mentioned, twelve, call, oranges

No poems will be written in the execution of this exercise (for now)!


She stands apart, a lovely drink of water to satisfy his lustful thirst.

Tears drop as seeds of emotion, sprouting sadness.

Tightly clenched they wrestled; sardines had more leeway!

He was the final piece of the puzzle; what she needed to feel whole!

Stacks of unopened letters toppled in a cascade of despair.

Through to the age of nine, Billy embraced his “terrible twos”!

The gift of life had been returned slightly used.

She had had enough: she was done – Ellie finally finished her green beans.

“I don’t recall that anyone had mentioned dementia” Caroline repeated for the third time!

She had the right to complain until twelve o’clock, her “bitching hour”.

Becky beckoned; Carl would call but, Walt would wail worriedly.

Absent mindlessly she chided, “You’re comparing lug-nuts and oranges!”


(C) Wallter J Wojtanik, 2014


Written for Miz Quickly’s Impromptu Warm Up


2 thoughts on “QUICKLY, WARM UP

    1. Sharon, it’s okay. You write when you can. I even took a long break from most prompt sites. Miz Quickly’s is a very eclectic site run by a loveable, quirky friend of ours. It is a comfortable place much like PA a few years back. This was a good exercise. “Poetic” lines can be challenging.

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