“I’ve got to wake him up!
He’s not waking up!
The man’s dead to the world!

Are you even trying?
He’s buying snoozes
nine minutes at a time.

If you’re so good,
you bring him to life.
The timer is set. Three, two, one… BREW!

Does he smell it?
He can’t smell it.
He can’t smell anything.

Why are you so… alarming?coffee
You were once charming,
but you’re even getting on my nerves.

Wait. He’s starting to stir.
Yes sir, one more whine of mine
and he’s good to go…

Oh no! He slapped you silly!
You’re not getting up from that!
Rise and meet your maker! Steady.

Coffee is ready!”

(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014


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